Cold Spoon Press (Tongue)



Purposes of Exercise:
– Intended for patients who have difficulty with spontaneous swallows / oral movements, or oral defensiveness
– If able to increase spontaneous swallows, may assist muscle conditioning, secretion management and reduction of microaspiration
– If able to stimulate oral movements, may assist muscle conditioning
– May be used as a variation / warm-up of Thermal-Tactile Stimulation (TTS), if this is not yet tolerated by the client

– If the client has poor oral hygiene (e.g. significant amounts of sticky or dried saliva/sputum), make sure to wipe the spoon clean of any visible gunk after each repetition

Research Articles:
– No direct research evidence
– Anecdotal evidence: this exercise may assist to stimulate oral movements. If the client is then able to pump their tongue backwards, may assist to elicit swallow triggers. This exercise creates much less sensory input & ability to trigger a swallow when compared to Thermal-Tactile Stimulation (TTS), though it is often better tolerated by clients and may be considered as a step-down exercise.


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