Jaw Stretch Exercise


Relaxation Massage (to be done if there is stiffness / tightness during mouth opening)


Main Exercise


Purpose of Exercise:
– Prophylactic; to slow down gradual effects of post-RT (radiation therapy) fibrosis to the muscles of the jaw, assisting maintenance of mouth opening, for functional swallowing and communication

Medical Indications:
– Completed radiation therapy (RT) to the head & neck / mouth area
– RT-related trismus

Medical Contraindication:
– History of jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues

Precautions / Tips:
– Do not push hard when stretching
– Maintain the stretch at the point of strain / mild discomfort only

Research Articles:
– Logemann, J. A., Pauloski, B. R., Rademaker, A. W., & Colangelo, L. A. (1997). Speech and swallowing rehabilitation for head and neck cancer patients. Oncology, 11(5), 651-656.
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*Articles cited are a limited sample only, and there may be other & more recent evidence which supports / contraindicates use of this exercise.


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