Lip Oromotor Exercises






Purpose of Exercise:
– Increased range of motion and strength of lips, which may assist speech articulation (labial sounds) and increase anterior oral control by reducing spillage, especially of fluids.

Medical Contraindications (populations to avoid this exercise):
– Facial surgery; you MUST consult with your surgeon and speech therapist before attempting these exercises

Precaution / Tip (Strength Exercise):
– Feel free to use any other materials (which are safe to place in the mouth), if they are small but have sufficient bulk and grip to provide sufficient resistance between the lips.

Research Articles:
– Limited evidence for traditional oromotor exercises
– Logemann, J.A., (1998). Evaluation and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders. Austin, TX: Pro-Ed. Second Edition.

*Articles cited are a limited sample only, and there may be other & more recent evidence which supports / contraindicates use of this exercise.


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