Mendelsohn Maneuver



Purpose of Exercise:
Compensatory (when feeding): increased duration of laryngeal elevation and cricopharyngeal opening, assisting swallow safety if these areas are impaired
Impairment (when not feeding): increased laryngeal elevation and cricopharyngeal opening

Medical Contraindications (populations to avoid this exercise):
– Clients with respiratory conditions may have difficulty, as breath must be held when performing this technique

Precautions / Tips:
– Ensure the client can self-report the duration of the thyroid notch held in the raised position (by visual or tactile cue) to facilitate insight
– Stop if the client appears short of breath

Research Articles:*
– Fukuoka, T., Ono, T., Hori, K., Tamine, K. I., Nozaki, S., Shimada, K., Yamamoto, N., Fukuda, Y., & Domen, K. (2013). Effect of the effortful swallow and the Mendelsohn maneuver on tongue pressure production against the hard palate. Dysphagia, 28(4), 539-547.
– Hoffman, M. R., Mielens, J. D., Ciucci, M. R., Jones, C. A., Jiang, J. J., & McCulloch, T. M. (2012). High-resolution manometry of pharyngeal swallow pressure events associated with effortful swallow and the Mendelsohn maneuver. Dysphagia, 27(3), 418-426.
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– McCullough, G. H., & Kim, Y. (2013). Effects of the Mendelsohn maneuver on extent of hyoid movement and UES opening post-stroke. Dysphagia, 28(4), 511-519.

*Articles cited are a limited sample only, and there may be other & more recent evidence which supports / contraindicates use of this exercise.


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