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Welcome to Therapidia! Select the correct section below, for how to navigate and use Therapidia according to your needs.

Clients or their Relatives / Carers

Thank you for using Therapidia.

We sincerely hope this website is a helpful tool in you or your loved one’s rehabilitation process.

You should receive an email from your therapist, containing a therapy regimen to be performed.


Follow the exercise links in your email, and perform the exercise according to the email instructions.

Feel free to browse other exercises on our site or in the YouTube channel for your interest, but remember that you should only perform exercises that have been prescribed by your therapist.

Please do not attempt any other exercises, and perform the prescribed exercises strictly as per the instructions given. Performance of other exercises, or incorrect performance of prescribed exercises, may be ineffective or potentially harmful.

Also note that you must not create an account or ‘prescribe’ any exercises – this feature is for qualified therapists only.


Thank you for your interest in Therapidia! We hope this resource will allow you to be more time-efficient in your service, and maximise your client’s participation in the rehabilitation process.

Please browse the exercises provided for your profession, to see if Therapidia exercises are relevant and applicable to you and your clients’ circumstances.

You can use all features of the site on any PC or mobile device.

Therapy prescription steps:

1. Select the ‘Account’ tab at the top of the page (in the drop-down menu for mobile devices).

2. Create an account using your name and email address:

Alternatively, you may create an account later, once you are ready to finalise your prescription. Please note that you will need to acknowledge that you have read and agree to our disclaimer before prescribing a therapy regimen for your client.

You are free to use any email address, but we strongly suggest using your workplace email for the sake of professionalism, as well as your personal privacy.

3. Select the ‘Exercises’ tab at the top of the page, then navigate to your profession / appropriate therapy category.

4. Select the appropriate exercise(s) for your client, based on assessment of their status and most pertinent therapy needs. When you have inspected the exercise and confirmed it may be beneficial for your client, select the ‘Prescribe’ tab. (below the main ‘Video’ tab)

5. Select the exercise parameters you feel would work best for your client. Default parameters are included for efficiency. These can be changed as you see fit. You may also include any further recommendations (specific to your client’s needs) in the bottom field.

6. Follow the instructions to either select another exercise, or to finalise your prescription.

Please note, if you navigate away from the prescription list for any reason, you may access your prescription list in the top right corner of the page at any time (bottom of the drop-down tab on mobile devices).

7. Once you have chosen enough exercises, select ‘Finalise Prescription’.

8. Enter the name and email address of your client or their carer. They will require internet access and an active email address.

9. Please check that your therapy regimen is correct, then select ‘Send Prescription’.

10. Complete! You will receive an email confirmation outlining the regimen you have prescribed.

Note that you can use your ‘Account’ tab to keep track of your previous prescriptions.

Also, be sure to log off once you have finished, if you are using a public / workplace computer.

Therapy Students

As a student, you may not be quite sure how to perform a particular exercise. Feel free to use Therapidia as a learning resource!

However, please be aware of the following:

1. Not all therapists will perform a particular exercise in an identical fashion, though therapists will usually use similar underlying principles in their techniques.

The techniques used in Therapidia are based on the experience and personal style of the therapists who have contributed to this website only.

Minor variations in techniques should be considered acceptable, as long as the methods used follow the general guidelines of evidence-based practice.

2. Therapidia exercises also feature a limited number of research articles (where applicable) for each exercise. Please note that this is only a limited sample, and that new research evidence for/against particular exercises emerges regularly.

Therapidia is not designed or intended as a research evidence site. The articles cited are a limited sample which may be used for reference, but are in no way intended to be comprehensive or fully up-to-date.

3. You must not create an account or ‘prescribe’ any exercises – this feature is for fully qualified therapists only.

General Public

Thank you for your interest in Therapidia.

Please note that this website is primarily intended for use by the following groups:

  • Therapists, who wish to prescribe specific exercises for their clients
  • Clients or patients with a certain medical condition, for whom specific exercise(s) may potentially either improve a symptom or delay degradation in a symptom
  • Therapy students who may wish to use our site’s information for their own learning

Feel free to explore the site, but note that exercises are not intended for performance, unless prescribed by a qualified therapist.

Also note that you must not create an account or ‘prescribe’ any exercises – this feature is for qualified therapists only.

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